LAG Heart of Slovenia

Welcome to the local action group LAG Heart of Slovenia. A place, where we create a space for happy and heartwarming stories!

What is the LAG Heart of Slovenia?

The Local Action Group LAG Heart of Slovenia represents an association of public institutions (public sector), economy (economic sector) and civil society (private sector) from the Heart of Slovenia region with the aim of promoting comprehensive and balanced development that takes into account the needs of all.

Our approach is simple – we build development stories “from the bottom up.” The approach emphasizes the collaboration and involvement of the local population, institutions, businesses, associations, and individuals in the LAG area in shaping and implementing a common development strategy. Together, we are building a future that benefits everyone and creating a space for heartwarming stories!

What is the LAG Heart of Slovenia’s biggest achievement?

LAG Heart of Slovenia has been operating since 2007 and is organized as a local contractual partnership in the third programming period (2023-2027). It focuses on implementing projects aligned with local needs and priority areas defined in its local development strategy, emphasizing social, economic, cultural, and environmental development. Through collaboration with various stakeholders, LAG Heart of Slovenia serves as a platform for the joint creation and realization of the development vision for the Heart of Slovenia region.

Currently, LAS Heart of Slovenia has 76 members. To date, we have successfully implemented 4.5 million EUR of development funds through 125 local development projects and 8 LAG cooperation projects. Renowned as one of the most recognized, successful, and internationally connected local action groups in Slovenia, LAG Heart of Slovenia has collaborated with over 200 partners and organized around 400 events.

What kind of projects does the LAG Heart of Slovenia support?

Projects supported by LAG are expected to align with the topics, goals, and priorities outlined in the announcement documentation, following the development strategy of LAG Heart of Slovenia for the programming period 2021–2027. Due to the limited resources of LAG, priority is given to projects that stand out in terms of innovation, collaboration with different partners, economic impact, and sustainable outcomes for the Heart of Slovenia area. All applications are carefully evaluated by a panel based on predefined criteria.!

About LAG Heart of Slovenia

How does the LAG Heart of Slovenia work?

The LAG operates based on its own development potentials and capacities, with a primary focus on strengthening social capital through active community involvement in collaborative planning and decision-making for local development, guided by the principles of participatory democracy. This approach is known as the CLLD (Community-Led Local Development), allowing the local population to determine priorities and development directions for their living and working area.

All these principles are detailed in the Local Development Strategy for the Local Action Group (LAG) Heart of Slovenia for the programming period 2021–2027. Upon approval of the strategy, LAG Heart of Slovenia gains the authority to implement all measures derived from the CLLD regulation. To support ongoing management, animation, project implementation, and international collaboration, two funds are available—the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The total funds allocated from both sources for LAG Heart of Slovenia during the current programming period amount to €2,560,345.04.

The Development Center of the Heart of Slovenia, LLC, serves as the leading partner of LAG Heart of Slovenia. It possesses the necessary personnel, financial, and administrative capabilities to lead the local action group and ensure its operational functioning. The local action group LAG Heart of Slovenia represents the leading partner in administrative and financial matters, manages its transaction account, and handles other tasks as outlined in the agreement between the LAG and the leading partner. 

Which area does the LAG Heart of Slovenia include?

The LAG Heart of Slovenia encompasses the local communities of Dol pri Ljubljani, Kamnik, Litija, Lukovica, Moravče, and Šmartno pri Litiji. The town of Kamnik is an exception among these communities, as it does not have the status of a countryside settlement due to its population exceeding 10,000 inhabitants.

Situated in the northeastern part of the Central-Slovene region, the LAG Heart of Slovenia covers an area of 751 km2, representing 3.6% of Slovenia’s total surface.

As of 2022, the area is home to 69,061 inhabitants, with a population density of 80 people per square kilometer. This region, from which the name ‘Heart of Slovenia’ originates, is located in the central part of the country and hosts the Geometric Center of Slovenia. A notable characteristic of the area is its geographical position in the hinterland of Ljubljana, bringing both advantages and developmental challenges that local residents face

International cooperation

Is the LAG Heart of Slovenia interested in international cooperation?

LAG Heart of Slovenia, in conjunction with the leading partner Development Center of the Heart of Slovenia, LLC, is deeply embedded in international networks and has numerous references of collaboration in various European programs. LAG actively participates in international cooperation projects, especially in collaboration with other LAGs. We have established successful partnerships with organizations from Croatia, Italy, Austria, Poland, Finland, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Georgia, and Moldova. Furthermore, we actively seek collaborations with organizations from other countries, as international cooperation remains one of our top priorities.

In the period 2023-2027, LAG will engage in areas such as the exchange of best practices between EU regions and the introduction of innovative content in the following areas:

  • Smart villages and modern support services for residents;
  • Climate neutrality, including sustainable agricultural practices and local food self-sufficiency, bioeconomy, circular economy, energy efficiency, renewable energy sources, recycling, and reuse, etc.;
  • Sustainability and innovations, particularly in connection with the use of local resources, mobility, digitalization, tourism, etc.;
  • Nature and cultural heritage as potential for area development;
  • Development of tourist destinations, including collaboration among providers, product and brand development, promotional and marketing activities, etc.;
  • Youth and their active participation in society.


How can we get in touch with the LAG Heart of Slovenia?

The LAG Heart of Slovenia operates in Litija at Kidričeva cesta 1. You can reach us by email or by phone +386 1 89 62 713.

LAG Heart of Slovenia

LAS Srce Slovenije
Kidričeva cesta 1
1270 Litija, Slovenija

Phone: 01 896 27 13 / 051 312 738


VAT ID: SI35375701

Registration number: 1489208000

Bank account: IBAN SI56 6000 0000 0628 437, Hranilnica LON d.d.

Lead partner: Razvojni center Srca Slovenije, d. o. o.